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Alyssa’s extensive healthcare experience uniquely positions her for success as a case manager here at RB Injury Lawyers. Her background as an Emergency Medical Technician equips her with an in-depth understanding of medical terminology, procedures, and the broader healthcare landscape.

In her role as a case manager, Alyssa leverages her expertise to effectively communicate with medical professionals, meticulously review medical records, and navigate the complexities of personal injury cases. She effortlessly understands complex medical documents, pinpointing essential details and potential areas of concern.

Complementing her medical proficiency, Alyssa’s degree in psychology (as well as anthropology) allows her to connect with clients who have experienced personal injuries. She understands the emotional and psychological impact these incidents have on individuals and their families, providing vital support and guidance throughout the legal process.

When not working at RB Injury Lawyers to position our clients for success, Alyssa is working to further her education in pursuit of her MBA. When she’s not at work or studying, she enjoys spending quality time with her furry friend, taking her dog to the beach.

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